Total Kannada Tuitions

Kannada Kali Session-7 Handout (Workshop 1)

Important Verbs
To go - Hogu naanu officige hoguthene
To come - Ba naanu trekking baruthene
To run - Oodu naanu marathon ooduthene
To walk - nade naanu dina yeradu km nadeyuthene
To catch - hidi naanu infosys bus hidiyuthene
To stand - ninthu niinu bus stand alli ninthu kondiru
I. I want to “Phrase"

Most scenarios while commuting involve communicating our intention to the opposite person.

Nanage <something> beku
Naanu <place> ge <action> beku

When referring to a living thing use “theera”. When referring to a non living thing use “tha”

II. Replying

Remember when replying use

houdu – to say yes. Houdu, infosys bus illi baruthe. (Yes, infosys bus comes here)
Illa – to say no. illa naanu 10 rupayee extra kododilla (No, I shall not pay 10 Rs extra)
Ayithu – to say over. Naanu ticket padedu ayithu (I have taken the ticket)
Agilla – to say not over.

Words Indicating direction
bala - Right
eDa - Left
munde - Forward/ Ahead
hinde - Backward/ Behind

Important Verbs
Sl No Verb To (verb) Past verb Will buy Am buying
1 Buy Kondu kollu Kondu konde Kindu kolluthene Kondu kollu tha idene
2 Take Tagedu kollu Tagedu konde Tagedu kolluthene Tagedu Kollu tha idene

Words for shopping

Beda - nanage ii pen beda. Bere kodi (I don’t want this pen. Give me another)
Beku - nanage aa dress beku. Pack maadi (I want that dress. Please pack it)
Bere - ii tomato chennagilla. Bere kodi (This tomato is not nice. Give me another)
Important Words
Chillare- change
Duddu - money
Numbers - numbers that were discussed in previous class.
Jyasthi - ishtu beda. idu thumba jyasthi ayithu. ( I don’t need so much. This is more than I need)
Kammi - innu solpa kodi. Idu thumba kammi ayithu (Give me some more this is too little)

"Yeshtu" usage

Typicall usage will be
Idu ( pointing at something) yeshtu – how much is this.

Note the differences between the following.

Yeshtu – how much
Ishtu – this much
Ashtu – that much
Scenario 1: Searching the Bus Stand.
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Illi hattirada bus stand yelli ide? Where is the nearest bus stand?
2 Munde ide It’s straight ahead.
3 Dhanya vaada Thank you
4 Naanu majestic ge hoga beku. Majestic ge hoguva bussu illi barutha? I have to go to majestic. Will buses going to majestic come here?
5 Houdu. Illi baruthe Yes. They come here
6 Yaava bussu hoguthe? Which buses will go?
7 171, 172 hogthe  
8 Mundina bussu yaavaga baruthe? When will the next bus come?
9 Innu ardha ghante aguthe It will take half an hour more
10 171 bus Wilson garden mele/inda? Hogutha? Will 171 go through Wilson garden?
11 Illa, bari 172 matra hoguthe No 172 will

Scenario 2: Inside the bus
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Majestic ge ondu ticket kodi One ticket to majestic please
2 Aidu rupayi aguthe It will be 5 rupees
3 Majestic bandare dayavittu thilisi Please let me know when majestic comes
4 Majestic innu yeshtu doora ide? How much further is majestic
5 Innu nalakku stop 4 more stops
6 Ide majestic stopa? Is this majestic stop?
7 Houdu. Ide majestic Yes. This is majestic

Scenario 3: Asking an auto driver
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Majestic ge hoga beku. Barutheera? I want to go to majectic will you come
2 100 rupayee aguthe It will be 100 rupees
3 Illa meter ashte koduthene I will pay as per the meter
4 Ayithu kulithu kolli Ok. Please sit down
5 Wilson garden alli right thagoli Take a right at Wilson garden
6 Munde left thagoli Take a left ahead.
7 Yenu meter ishtu agide alla! Naanu dina baruthene – 40 rupees asthe aguvudu. Naanu ashte koduthene What the meter is showing so much! I come daily and I pay only 40 – I shall pay the same
8 Ayithu 45 kodi Ok give me 45
9 ThagoLi Take
Scenario 1: Shopping for groceries
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Tomato yeshtu How much are the tomatoes?
2 Hadinaidu rupayi kilo 15 rupees a kilo
3 10 rupayi madi kolli Make it 10 rupees
4 Illa saar – tomato season illa…. No sir – this is not tomato season
5 Illa illa bere kade ella 10 rupaye.. adare nimma tomato chenaagide No no it is 10 rupees elsewhere.. but your tomatoes are good
6 Ayithu 13 rupayi kodi Ok give 13 rupees
7 Ayithu yeradu kg kodi Ok give me 2 kgs

Scenario 2: Shopping for clothes
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Ii shirtu chenaagide. Idara bele yenu? This shirt is nice. What is its price?
2 Inoora aivathu rupaayi 250 rupees.
3 Illa thumba jyasthi ayithu. Kammi madi kolli. No it is too much. Reduce it.
4 Illa sir fixed price No sir fixed price
5 Yenu riyayati illava? No discount is it?
6 Illa sir onde price No sire only one price.
7 Beda bidi – naanu bere angadi yalli nooduthene. Then I don’t need it. I shall shop for it in another shop.
8 Ayithu yeshtu kodutheera Allright how much will you give
9 Naanu inooru rupaayi koduthene I will pay 200
10 Ayithu thagoli All right take it
11 Yenatharu defect iddare replace mada beku If there are any defects then will you replace it?
12 Yenu defect iddaru naave bere shirt kodutheve Yes if there are any defects then we will replace it.
13 Dhanya vaada Thank you