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Kannada Kali Session-9 Handout (Workshop 3)

Word Meaning Usage
oota Lunch/dinner Oota ayitha?
thindi Breakfast/snacks Thindige jothe coffee kudide
kahi Bitter Coffee thumba kahiyagide
khara Hot/spicy Curry thumba khara
uppu Salt Rasam nalli uppu jyasti
sakkare Sugar yeardu spoon sakkare haaki
thannige Cold Dese thannige agide
bisi Hot Nannage bisi bisi coffee ishta
bega Fast Bega badisi ( serve fast )
neeru Water Neeru yellide?
bele Lentils (Daal)
soppu Greens
baath Cooked Rice
Chennagide It is nice Coffee chennagide
chennagilla It is not nice Coffee chenagilla
Badisu Serve
tholidu kollu to wash Kai tholidu kollu (to wash the hands)
Important Verbs and interrogatives
yenu ide? - What is there?

This can prefixed to enquire menus. Examples are menu alli yenu ide (whats in the menu), kudiyokke yenu ide? (Whats there to drink?). In general a question of yenu ide is like asking for the entire menu.

Ideya – is there?

This can be used when we want to ask for a specific item.
Examples are coffee ideya [generic form <item>ideya?]

Kodi – give

Examples: yearadu coffee kodi. - give me 2 cups of coffee.

Yeshtu – how much

Examples: Yeradu cup coffee yeshtu? - How much for two cups of coffee?

Interaction with waiter/manager
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Thindi yenu ide? Whats there for snacks?
2 Idly, dose, vade Idly, dose, and vadas
3 Yeradu idly, ondu dose matte mooru cup coffee Ok 2 idly, 1 dose and 3 cups of coffee
4 Yeshtu ? How much?
5 40 rupaayi 40 rupees
6 Thagoli Take it.
Interacting with the person serving
7 Swalpa bega kodi Please give these fast.
8 Ii dose thannigagide bere kodi This dose is cold. Give me another one.
9 Illa saar iga madidu No sir. This has just been prepared.
10 Illa nanage bere kodi No please give me another one.

Enquiring for lodging
Sl no Kannada version English Translation
1 Nimma hotel nalli double bedroom room ideya? Dou you have double bedroom rooms in your hotel?
2 Ondu dinakke yeshtu chargu? What is the charge for a day?
3 Single bedroom ge yeshu? What’s the charge for a single bedroom?
4 Room service ideya? Do you have room service?