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Total Kannada Exclusive

Total Kannada is an unique store. We have 25,000+ items in our catalogue. It includes 2,500+ Movies VCDs and DVDs (out of total 3400 Kannada Movies), 6,000 Audio titles (Film Music, Light Music, Folk Music,Drama, Lecture,Comedy,etc), 11,000+ books, 60 varities of Tee Shirts, Kannada Clocks and Watches, 100+ varieties of greeting cards, Kannada Calendars, etc. Kannada movies VCDs, DVDs, Audio CDs, MP3s, Songs, Films / Movies, Kannada albums, Books, eBooks,Audio Books, Raajyothsava Items (Shalya, Flags, Badges,Buntings,Decoration Items). You name it. We have it. Everything under one roof. No where on this earth you will find such collection all under one roof. We just don’t sell books and CDs, we add an extra value in packaging it and serving all flavors under one roof. Just for sample ...

  1. Kagga Kit - We have Kagga related books, Kagga Lecture CDs (5 Types - by Swamy Bramhaananda Chinmaya Mission, Dr.Lakshmi Naaraayana Bhatta ,by Dr.Shathaavadaani Ganesh, by Gururaaja Karjagi, By Srikanth), Kagga songs by Dr.Rajkumar, Kagga T Shirt (With collar) in 5 colors. – all at one place.

  2. Mysore Mallige in all flavours - Movie directed by T S Naagaabharana, K S Narasimha Swamy Mysore Mallige poems collection book, Mysore Mallige Movie audio CD, Mysore Mallige Bhaava geethegala CD.

  3. Director Wise Movie Packages - We have movies package of popular directors like Puttanna Kanagal, Dorai Bhagavaan, T S Naagaabharana, Siddalingaih, B R Panthalu, Shankar Nag, G V Iyer, etc

  4. Special Shankar Nag Package - This package includes Shankar Nag directed 7 movies, Maalgudi Days tele serial, Shankar Nag songs MP3 CDs, Nanna Thamma Shankara Book by Ananth Nag and Shankar Nag T Shirt.

  5. Movies Songs (Year wise) - 1950 to 2014. Total of 400+ MP3 CDs. 12,000+ Songs . And Karaoke track of popular songs too.

  6. Novels and Novels based Movies.

  7. Audio Books of popular authors. eBooks coming soon...

  8. 500 + Charts and Posters. Total Karnataka Travel Kit (TKTK) - Pack of 8 CDs (DVDs,VCDs,CD-ROM + Karnataka Travel Related books)

  9. Kids Corner - Animation CDs, Rhymes CDs, Books, T Shirts , Activity Books, General Knowledge Books.

  10. Total Kannada Tutions (TKT) - Kannada learning books, CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs for both Kannadigas and Non-Kannadigas

  11. Music, Dance Learning Books and CDs - Music and Dance leraning books, Audio CDs, MP3s and VCDs and DVDS too.

  12. Daasa Corner - All popular Daasara Padagalu CDs and Books + Daasara Photos too.

  13. Translated Books - Popular Kannada Books which are translated to Enlgish (For Kannadigas who can't read Kannada but who are interested in knowing Kannada literature).

  14. Documentary Videos - Yes, we have compiled varieties of documentary VCDs and DVDs (around 30( related to famous places and persons of Kannada / Karnataka.

  15. Tele-Serials - We have released famous Kannada tele-serials like Geetha Maadhuri, Gruhabhanga, Kathegaara, Maayamruga, Guddadha Bhootha.

  16. Total Kannada Published - books and DVDs of award winning movies, tele-serials and 60+ documentaries related to Kannada and Karnataka.

  17. Total Kannada Gift Items - Also we have photo frames, laminated photos of Daasaru, film actors, Bhuvaneshwari, Sir SMV, idols.

  18. Pack of Pack of Packs of CDs (PPP) - Pack of Kannada Movies Music CDs (Pack of 20 * 5 = 100 CDs). Pack of Kannada light music CDs. (Pack of 15 * 5 = 75 CDs). Pack of Daasara Padagalu (Pack of 7 * 5 = 35 CDs)

  19. Total Kananda Gift Vouchers. - You can give our store gift vouchers to your friends / relatives to give a chance to come and visit our unique store and explore the Kannada World.

  20. Anything related to Kannada and Karnataka, Total Kannada is your choice.