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Learn Kannada through internet !!!

Dear Non-Kannadigas... Especially the ones who want to settle in Karnataka in search of Jobs, Education, etc! These stuff will surely help you!

Kannadigas interested in helping others learn Kannada can your stuff. We will consider to publish it, if it suits the purpose of this section.

Also please go through our Books and CDs Section for Kannada learning material.

We have "Kannada in my Pocket" book, which contains more than 2500 Kannada words, sentence formations, daily conversations, etc. This book would be ideal for quick & easy learning... Also we have a book "Kannada through English", which has more elaborated theories & examples... You can buy "Kannada Aksharabhyaasa" book which is even more fundamental and also can be used to teach Kannada for your kids!!! "Makkala Haadu" book has good collection of Kannada Rhymes suitable for Children and also Kannada-learning Adults.

Also we have "Aata jothege paata" Audio CD (2 sets), which will help you learn Kannada: Alphabets, Numbers, Rhymes, Fruits, Vegetables, Weeks, Months, Festivals, Rivers, Tables, Poems and many more.

Spread awareness about this beautiful language & expand it's coverage...!!!